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Kanye West is Stupid

As seen on Drudge…

VMA losses spark another Kanye tantrum

Sun Sep 9, 11:48 PM ET


Sour grapes from Kanye West — again. Shut out at the Video Music Awards, Kanye West threw a tantrum Sunday night in front of media and crew backstage as the MTV show was ending.

West, waiting for an elevator in a crowded hallway, began yelling about losing all five categories for which he was nominated.

“That’s two years in a row, man … give a black man a chance,” West said, stomping around his entourage and directing his comments at a reporter. “I’m trying hard man, I have the … number one record, man.”

West said he never will return to MTV.

The rapper was nomination for five awards, including male artist of the year. This is the latest in a series of awards show outburst for West. Last year, he crashed the stage at the MTV Europe Awards after not winning for best video.

Look here, jackass. You’re supposed to be an artist. The MTV awards are a bit of fluff and an opportunity for you to promote your album and should not be viewed in any way as some sort of affirmation of your talent. They don’t even have the prestige of the Grammys for crissakes.

No one worth taking seriously makes music to win a Moonman or to get into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame or whatever. Grow up and quit being a baby. Until this year Three Six Mafia had more Oscars than Martin Scorsese, so if you dropped the Quadruple Threat award to whoever won it, you’ll be okay.


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Well, I’ve bailed on the VMAs after about 75 minutes. Maybe I’ll miss something good, but so far, that’s just a collosal disaster. I know it is fashionable to slam MTV and has been for years, but the one thing you could usually count on out of the network was a fun awards show. It’s cliche’ to point out how there isn’t much “music” in MTV anymore but that misses the point–MTV long ago transformed into a channel about the youth culture and usually they never were better than the were on the night of the VMAs.

Last year was pretty poor though but this has taken the cake:

  • Britney: Where do you start? They barely led into it at all. The Elvis-ish opening (“Trouble”) might have been neat and Vegas but it went nowhere. Her once impossibly good body is gone and has been replaced by the body of a young mother who got rode hard in frat house for a couple years and apparently nobody has bothered to tell Britney. She stumbled a couple times. Her once sharp dancing was almost non-existent. (Maybe that was the “smoke and mirrors” promised with the participation of Criss Angel–that her dancers would do the work and somehow we’d be fooled into thinking she was actually moving. Didn’t work.) Lip syncing was expected but she blew that and just mailed it in there at the end. If one was looking for a sports metaphor, I’m reminded of Mike Tyson: overhyped, peaked too young, mentally and emotionally troubled, self-destructive (chemically and otherwise), and going to be given a lot of second chances but can’t be trusted to take advantage of them, even when they are set-ups.
  • Sarah Silverman was next. Did she even think prepare? If she wasn’t mildly pretty would anyone even care? Anyway, that was terrible. This was the first example that the show needed a host, someone who has a more considerable investment of their time and talent into the show in the hopes that it will be great…
  • And then there was the second example–Alicia Keys kinda introducing the concept that the show was at one hotel with a bunch of different parties. Or whatever. Anyway, she kinda stumbled through exactly in the way Chris Rock (for example) would not have. And then she threw it to that doofus in Fall Out Boy and his mic didn’t work. Nice!
  • Why were the live performances in the “parties”? Shouldn’t they have been on stage instead of the lip syncers? Not that it would have mattered when the Foo Fighters were first featured as Dave Grohl’s mic was way down in the mix if it was working at all. 
  • The Chris Brown thing was…okay. Of course, he lip synced when some rapper in the JT/Timbaland room was getting down, Kanye perfomed live, Fall Out Boy actually played, etc. Again, I don’t know why you’d keep the people actually performing live away from the awards show, but at least he had some spectacle that Britney could have used. Granted, the spectacle involved a little Charlie Chaplin, a Rhianna performance that seems like it deserved better billing, and a useless Michael Jackson impersonation, but at least it was all fun.
  • What’s up with the awards? Best Quadruple Threat? It’s remniscent of MTV’s Movie Awards, and perhaps an acknowledgement that they don’t play enough videos anymore to have a legitimate competition.

In a just world, Axl Rose would have shown up and handed in the master tapes of “Chinese Democracy” to some record exec. Oh well, there’s still ten minutes left–I guess I’ll go see the big finish.

Edit: Yep, big dud. Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and Nelly Furtado walking around, aimlessly riffing to a forgettable beat, and then it’s over. Maybe they should have thought about how to close it before they got up there. Oh well, Eli has the Giants back within 10.

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Not a chance.

One can certainly make an argument, perhaps a persuasive one, that App. State is the best college football team in the state of North Carolina. In any event, it’s not like Dook beat Michigan in the Big House, because that really would be something you’d scan the Book of Revelations over just to make sure there were no allusions to such a monumental event.

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