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George Will once famously said: “Football is a mistake. It combines the two worst elements of American life: violence and committee meetings.”

Nice quote. But it’s wrong. First of all, football is great. Second, Bill Maher’s show actually combines the two worst elements of American life: celebrities and politics.

If I ever stumble across this disaster again, where I might have to watch Richard Belzer (celebrity?) blather on and on for half an hour…ugh, shoot me. Where’s Hulk Hogan when you need him? (Scroll ahead to about the 5:30 mark.)


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In what is actually a fairly interesting argument that Republicans should rally around John McCain, Dan McLaughlin over at Red State makes what is at least to me a startling preamble:

As I previously explained at some length, I am, like Martin, under no illusions about the nature of a McCain presidency, which would undoubtedly lead to a lot of bad consequences for conservatives on a whole range of issues and would almost certainly lead a divided and demoralized party to a bloody and potentially disastrous schism by 2012.

You know, if that’s what conservative types get out of nominating the guy, maybe they should look somewhere else.

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