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Well, I just read that Will Leitch is quitting his baby at Deadspin.

And for what? A contributing editor’s position at New York magazine.

I can’t say I understand that guy. Don’t get me wrong–I absolutely have nothing bad to say about Will Leitch whatsoever. I’m hardly a frequent blogger and even less important than I am frequent.  That said, Deadspin opened my eyes to the blogosphere. Along with Bill Simmons (and Glenn Reynolds), he opened my eyes to the fact that regular people frequently have something to say that’s more insightful than anything the intelligentsia would ever come up with. Not only that, he was gracious enough to link here twice–once for my piece on John Bunting and the other on Lance Armstrong. Both of those posts were the kind of information I wanted to know but the mainstream media never added up, so I did it and Will gave me an audience by linking to it on Deadspin. Power to the people!

So what does he do? He leaves his new media empire, chief of the most important sports blog gateway around, for an old media publication named after the world’s most over-exposed town. I don’t get it. (Maybe it’s the money.)

Earlier this year I read Will’s book Life as a Loser. It’s a compendium of essays he wrote pre-Deadspin. It’s okay, hampered by the fact that his life hasn’t been all that crazy and that he’s just not as good at that type of thing as Chuck Klosterman. (Then again, Klosterman is the king.) But what struck me from reading that book is that Leitch is a huge movie buff, a devotee of Woody Allen, and given a choice would probably like to live life as a movie critic. I thought that was shocking–a midwestern, straight, sports nut who gets shaky knees over Woody Allen? Plus, that kind of thing never seems to invade Leitch’s writing. With Bill Simmons, he reviews movies all the time and it’s obvious that, given the chance, he’d love to take his hand at writing comedy in Hollywood. But until I read Leitch’s memoir I’d have never guessed that. How do you reconcile the guy who edits Deadspin with a guy who wets his shorts over Annie Hall?

I don’t know, and I don’t know any other sports fans who dig Woody Allen. Maybe that’s part of the special mix that makes Will Leitch special.

I wish him well and his voice will be missed. And if he doesn’t name Kige Ramsey the new editor he doesn’t have a hair on his ass.


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