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Hey, I guess I’m pretty smart after all.


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“John McCain likes to say that he’ll follow bin Laden to the Gates of Hell – but he won’t even go to the cave where he lives.”

That has to be one of the most slimy things ever said in politics. First, if Obama wants to get autobiographies out and start comparing cajones with John McCain, he’s going to come out severely wanting. Second, last time I read the Constitution it didn’t say anything about senators from Arizona having the power to send troops anywhere, but Obama’s the scholar in that area, not me.

Also, lest we forget, while McCain himself might not get bin Laden, maybe someday his son will. But McCain’s too classy to talk about that.

Too bad there’s not more of that going around.

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…I’d look very, very hard at naming a woman to be my Vice President nominee.

Personally, I don’t go much for those kinds of identity politics, but obviously there are a tremendous amount of people that do. (And to be candid, as a white male, I guess I haven’t had to worry about that kind of thing very much.)

But when the dust settles after Barack Obama’s triumph last night, where he completely stopped what little momentum Hillary had managed to build, one of the little stories that people won’t talk about all that much is that there will be a lot of women frustrated about this result. Sure, most Democrats will come back together. The polls where Hillary supporters say they will not support Obama are overblown although it would be a mistake to deem them insignificant. 

But it’s not just that some Hillary supporters will find Obama too elitist or too inexperienced or too black. Sure, some will, and the media will focus on that angle.

However, there’s also a significant amount of white women who are just going to be frustrated (if not angry) about losing this shot at history. Women of color couldn’t lose with either Obama or Clinton, but white women really came up empty… unless John McCain gives them another chance at history in November.

So what if there was a wildly popular female governor somewhere with a record as a spending-cutter? Someone who could bolster McCain’s right flank on gay marriage and abortion? And it may be perverse to say, but as she recently gave birth to a son with Down’s Syndrome, her pro-life stance is all the more bona-fide. And, like McCain, her eldest son is in the military, thus giving her a personal connection to the war on terror that other candidates won’t have? And while we’re throwing stuff out there, let’s make her a former beauty queen who Wonkette likes to call the GILF. (You should be able to figure that one out.)

If I were John McCain, I think I’d love for Sarah Palin to be my Vice Presidential nominee.

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In what is actually a fairly interesting argument that Republicans should rally around John McCain, Dan McLaughlin over at Red State makes what is at least to me a startling preamble:

As I previously explained at some length, I am, like Martin, under no illusions about the nature of a McCain presidency, which would undoubtedly lead to a lot of bad consequences for conservatives on a whole range of issues and would almost certainly lead a divided and demoralized party to a bloody and potentially disastrous schism by 2012.

You know, if that’s what conservative types get out of nominating the guy, maybe they should look somewhere else.

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